IS it really worth the buy?

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User Info: chaosgamer99

6 years ago#1
Well i've never played the First Conduit, but heard about this one. i've also heard that the first one sucked, and this was going to fix all the mistakes. Make patches and stuff. Did it do that? All i've heard are complains? Is the game better, than lets say Black Ops or GoldenEye (I cam from GoldenEye Boards)? Or does it suck liek the first one.
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User Info: AbysmalTrinity

6 years ago#2
Its much better than the first one.

The Online is fantastic, except for the occasion lag, and storyline mode is fun so is Invasion mode (offline though).

Buy it if your Wii is suffering from dust.
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User Info: raysnds1

6 years ago#3
i have the BO and the GE....

Both have their first i didn't like GE online...but its not bad

just got C2...the campaign is fun and the online seems quirky. its not terrible in the least, just differant (like GE). so far everything has been fun.

so if you need a new online multi for the Wii...i think its worth it. (especially if your a Wii only user like me)

User Info: Imperfect_Dark2

6 years ago#4
Lol, hi SANDSLASH*. I'm kinda wondering the same thing.
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  3. IS it really worth the buy?

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