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User Info: mysockshurt101

6 years ago#1
my loadout:
SCAR, HVS45, Frag Grenade, Ballistics Focus, Bomb Bag, Quickness, and Improved Ballistics Damage

what do you think? i tried to go a little retro. i didn't want to go heavy armor, but i also wanted to be able to go toe to toe with those that have more armor than i do, also with faster reloads i can start shooting while my opponent reloads, assuming we're both alive, and i like having 2 grenades, wish i could pick more up without an upgrade tho :(

i just bought the HVS45, i do not know how it is in comparison to the USP45

if you wish to post your loadouts go right ahead...you don't have to have a long winded explanation like me tho =-P
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User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#2
My Main loadout and character:

P-Weapon: TPC launcher
S-Weapon: Deatimizer

Frag Granade

U1 - Explosive focus
U2 - Ammo Belt
U3 - Mending
U4 - Light Armor

Character: Progenitor
ASE: Eye of Ra

My Back up loadout and character:

P-Weapon: Hive Cannon
S-Weapon: Deatimizer

Frag Granade

U1 - Explosive focus
U2 - Ammo Belt
U3 - Mending
U4 - Light Armor

Character: Golden Destroyer
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User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#3
TPC Launcher
- Explosive Focus
- Metal Legs
- Quickness
- Improved Melee

I plan on changing Explosive focus to Ammo Salvage when I get it, and I might change Improved Melee to something else at some point. I can't decide between USP and MP5, mainly because I can't hit crap some times.
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User Info: Executor51

6 years ago#4
No special loadouts, but I'll post 'em anyway.

Loadout 1

Frag Grenade
Ballistics Focus
Metal Legs
Improved Ballistics Damage (Improved Melee for WiFi play)

Loadout 2

Deatomizer Mk4
Flash Grenade
Energy Focus
Metal Legs
Improved Energy Damage
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