Some interesting things Vs Mike.

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User Info: CarbonizerMike

4 years ago#11
I wonder if explosive focus will affect the spas on the offensive side of things.

I don't think so. While it's probably reducing SPAS damage that you take because the perk is designed to reduce explosive damage, and the game possibly thinks SPAS damage is explosive, the perk doesn't inherently increase explosive damage. It just increases your blast radius. I've never seen it increase my damage.
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User Info: B05S_Brennan

4 years ago#12
I think Mike is right, Exp. Focus does reduce SPAS damage. When Mike uses his SPAS/Exp. Focus loadout, it's impossible for me to OHKO him as well.
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User Info: Mindesyn

4 years ago#13
I read it all. Tho I cant get over how bad quality them images are. All I see is random colors and blur. Either way good find Chain
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User Info: 1Pefrog

4 years ago#14
Symphonia46 posted...
For the Spas case: I do sometimes shoot people with the Spas and sometimes when I'm sopposed to get a OHKO, it doesn't register because an opponent is moving too fast and the game on the shooter's end was still trying to catch up with the actual player's location. In turn, it becomes from what should've been an OHKO to just 3 bullets registering a hit. Players who use a fast pace strategy tend to be the cause of this. Mike has done this to me a few times and I'm sure I've done it a few times to him when he was using a Spas. Take note that Spas pellet positioning is different on each player's end which also effects the cause.

With the Strike Rifle Case: The Strike Rifle shots do seem inaccurate and misguiding, but it actually happens. I do not know the exact reason for this, but what I do know for this is that even scoped in with the SR, the accuracy is affected by movement as well as jumping/landing. The difference with the SR scope aside from any other scope is that it's accuracy is decreased while shooting, what I like to call "accuracy recoil". People tend to shoot really fast with the SR causing it's accuracy to go haywire and misleading. What I like to do with the SR while scoped in is to take 1 second breaks in between shots for the reticule to reset. The trick is to be calm and patient.

That's just with the scoping part. I think that it's the same while unscoped and that -looking from your screen shots- the accuracy resetting is actually a lot slower than what the reticule is showing. Again, taking second breaks in between shots would be advised.

This may sound stupid because it may sound obsurd and that I think that once you shoot the accurecy does decrease, but when you charge another shot before the accuracy has resetted, the game will register that as a shot and will use the accuracy that was in effect before even if the reticule does make it look like it has resetted.

That's just theorizing for the last part, don't believe all of it.

Symp ... I would like to use the strike rifle ... and you've owned me (before) with it ... so what other tips do you have?
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4 years ago#15
Did another test, This time in single player, and recording at 120 FPS.

Check this:

next frame:

So all I was doing here was standing in place, holding the cursor in one place, and spinning.
Meaning this has nothing to do with online or lag, and nothing to do with moving or lockon, or cursor movement.

Also, some guns do not do this very much.
The HVS 45 is almost perfect.

But none suffers from this so much as the Strike Rifle.
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User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#16
What the...?
I never have this problem with the SR.
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4 years ago#17

Both the PR and SR are affected near equally by this in hipfire.
But only SR suffers from it at all when scoped.
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4 years ago#18
Hawke0 posted...
What the...?
I never have this problem with the SR.


What is your turning speed?
Do you just have default deadzone?
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User Info: ZooYorkSkater16

4 years ago#19
CarbonizerMike posted...
Alright, I hope my explanations will help. Here is what I have deduced from way too many hours playing this game.

Explosive focus reduces SPAS damage by approximately 30%.

Let me say that again so no one forgets it. If the other person is running Explosive Focus, and you are are using a SPAS, you cannot get a one hit kill on that person if they are at full health. You'll only do about 70% damage no matter how close you are. Don't believe me? Pull Brennan into a private match, have him run his explosive focus SPAS loadout which has no armor, and blast him at close range. You won't kill him.

I recently figured this out during multiple matches with Brennan, XG4Legend, and other people. I think the game somehow treats SPAS shots as explosive damage, thus reducing the damage. Maybe it has something to do with the cluster of pellets.

Now, at this point, you might be saying, "Hey, if you know that, stop running explosive focus!" Well, actually, after our initial set of games were crashed by other people, I remembered I was running it, and I took explosive focus off. I instead ran Ballistics Focus, which doesn't reduce damage. So look at that footage and then tell me what you think.

And as far as public matches, it's simply too dangerous to not run Explosive Focus because SMAW users will blow me up. I'd rather not be blown up.

As far as me running fast with the Carbonizer... well, I run with it! You don't move that slow unless you're in secondary mode (only done when I fire).

As far as the Strike Rifle issues: the hell if I know.

I use explosive focus and I one hit kill people all the time even if they have full health


4 years ago#20
Ok, so I've figured out how to eliminate the effect, I think.

Change your camera style to crouched.

Also, I discovered that spinning while hipfiring the PR makes the shot very consistent horizontally.
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