Finally got the Blaster Kill

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User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#11
CarbonizerMike posted...
1Pefrog posted...
Darn it. I just watched it. I'm part of the 4. I was hoping ... but does it seem weird that you killed 5 of us with what you did? You were killing CJ something and then bam.

One last note, are any of my teammates paying attention at any moment. I at least try to avoid getting lasered.

I killed 4 of you, not 5 (I think). Weird? No. Just unlikely. It's a chain lightning jump, and I'm quite familiar with those. That's why I stay away from people who I suspect are about to be Carbonized. It's like a lightning rod waiting to get hit, and if you're too close, you'll get hit too.

By the way, you can mess people on Power Surge by unloading on a power generator while an enemy is nearby. The chain lightning will lash out and kill nearby players.

I did that a few times >:)
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