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User Info: DANGER477

4 years ago#11
CarbonizerMike posted...
DANGER477 posted...
CarbonizerMike posted...
DANGER477 posted...
Hi i just want to know if you would like to exchange 3DS Fc
Mine is at the bottom

I would like to do this so i have friends on my 3ds from the Conduit 2
and also if Conduit 3 comes out.

please PM me ur FC
Thank you

I'm pretty sure you're a hacker in Conduit 2. I don't appreciate that.

I thought all of that was behind us?? I made a post a long time ago saying that i had stopped hacking in C2 & Tcon and apologized, & if the name at the bottom "HackKing"
made you think of that. i have it as an "In memory of CallMePoser"
I knew him as Poser,UCmoon, & HackKing.
R.I.P. Poser

I don't want any re-tarted DRAMA!

I am sorry that you don't appreciate the hacking i did. But it was in the past so let us keep it that way OK.

The reason I brought it up is that I'm certain I saw you doing it the other day.

could have been a lag. my connection has been really slow.
DANGER FC 3139-0379-7346
3DS F.C. Danger/HackKing 4339-3599-5777
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