Dangit. Kill streak ended abruptly. :(

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  3. Dangit. Kill streak ended abruptly. :(

User Info: easter85

5 years ago#1
I had an 18 kill streak and i was about to get one more kill when some dou**e-b*g comes around the corner with his SMAW. I had kill the guy at LEAST 11 times before he ended my streak.

Later at 11:30, i was in a public FFA and had a 19 kill streak. as i was killing someone to get my 4th RoT, and guess what. My effin' Wii froze.

~EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwards~
[APB]easter-- 3998-3706-8643

User Info: Chupas21

5 years ago#2
That happens to me all the time.

User Info: xXAISPXx

5 years ago#3
I rivaled lets because he was good until he flipped out his SMAW

I mean, no good shooter game has no explosive weapons, but we hate it when people use it. I find that ironic.
An Invincible Sniper Professional (AISP)
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  3. Dangit. Kill streak ended abruptly. :(

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