Something just dawned to me..

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User Info: CarbonizerMike

4 years ago#11
Hawke0 posted...
CarbonizerMike posted...
Hawke0 posted...
CarbonizerMike posted...
eig7hty posted...
I find invasion easiest on avalanche, if you set it on low difficulty you won't even need to camp on the tower.

I tried all the maps and I can't beat Invasion because around the 4th wave an enemy will spawn underneath the map and I can't kill him. I get stuck every time. So I just gave up on it. It sucks.

Phase Rifle?

They don't drop one. Plus I use the Carbonizer with ammo salvage to get that far.

I guess you'll have to change your strategy.

Nah. I'm just not going to bother at all.
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User Info: 1Pefrog

4 years ago#12
CynralKynathel posted...
Oh no bro. That sucks, but if its any consolation I rarely use supercharger and I have it, quickness helps more.

Agreed. ^^

On another note, I only need 8 more head shots from the phase rifle to unlock my last upgrade - hide the phase rifle warning. Pretty good since I have never had a phase rifle loadout. Also pretty bad since I only pick it up in noob matches. Noobs.
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