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User Info: jayrell3794

5 years ago#41
wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving but in return i find the great samu5 online supposedly. lol awesomeness

User Info: Boo1775

5 years ago#42
Loremas1861 posted...
xXAISPXx posted...
Boo1775 posted...
No its not, is it?

Well, this is a samu-like topic...

He definitely is Samu5. He has 5 at the end of his name, he forgot his password so he made a new account, and he is advertising a website with only Samu5, Mike, Jaye, and Chesluk.

It is Samu5. In the olden C2 boards days, he had a BUNCH of alts.


I know, I was there... I just don't remember him being Billy Mays and Shooter613.
I am the leader of APEX, the one man clan!

User Info: Rybuger1

5 years ago#43
What the Samu5? The master is back!
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