Guns/perks that aren't OP that can become OP.

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  3. Guns/perks that aren't OP that can become OP.

User Info: B05S_Brennan

4 years ago#1
Basically, what guns or perks do you think aren't OP normally, but become OP when paired with another gun/perk or a certain map. Mine are:

Phase Rifles on Agartha.
TPC Launcher on Sanctum Prime.
Hive Cannon with DExplosives.

First one is the only one that bothers me that much.


4 years ago#2
The SMAW on Serenity is definitely one of the worst.
Its such a large map, so you have to traverse a large distance all the time, and you can't always check every corner, its more important to get to the front line.
But at the same time, its easy to get to the opposite side of the map.
That coupled with all the hidey holes, and you get smaw users who just wait for you to run by.

Also, frag grenades.
They suck w/o any perks. You have to be kissing them for them to kill you.
But with both ballistic perks, the kill radius is silly.

Not exactly OP, but the difference is like night/day.
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656
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  3. Guns/perks that aren't OP that can become OP.

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