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User Info: easter85

4 years ago#1
..I can't play Con2 Mondays-Thursdays. :( if I'm not on. You know why.
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User Info: KhmerGirl

4 years ago#2
Same, I usually too pooped out to play Mon-Thurs. So I'm pretty much on the same boat as you. (Look, it's a dolphin! No, wait, it's a whale! ... Nope... that's a shark... Abort, abort! *jumps off boat)

I get on sometimes though, if boredom kills me and I'm not feeling too tired.
"I don't snack while playing... Conduit is serious business..."- CHAINMAILLEKID

User Info: KainWind

4 years ago#3
That's unfortunate for all those Monday-Thursday people... who am I kidding? They probably see the same 15 people every day...

As for myself, I can't play on days not surrounding a major holiday. So if you are looking for me, don't. :/
I had this incredibly, unbelievably, amazingly, fantastically directionally-challenged guy with me right here...
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