Conduit 2 Weapon Review - USP.45 - Guide, Tips, and Strategy

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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

4 years ago#1
Yo, C2 GameFAQs community, welcome to the second weapon review. Today, I'm going over the USP.45, hope you enjoy! :D


Ballistic Focus: BF
Improved Ballistic Damage: IBD
Energy Focus: EF
Improved Energy Damage: IED
Explosive Focus: ExF
Improved Explosive; IE
Helmet: HM
Heavy Armor: HA
Light Armor: LA
Damage: Dmg
Headshot multiplier: HSM
Charge Damage; C Dmg
Supercharger: SC
Run Speed: RS
Shots to Kill: StK
Time To Kill: TTK
Rate of Fire: RoF
Close Quarter Battle: CQB
Aim Down Sight: ADS


Name: USP.45

Category: Ballistics

StK: 3 - 9

RS (Reg RS, SC RS, HA RS, SC+HA RS)100%, 120%, 85%, 105%

Clip Size: 15

Special Ability: Aim Down Sights


Other weapon from the original Conduit game, however, unlike the last weapon i covered, this weapon hasn't changed much, at least not in function, however, the damage, RoF, and more has been changed, by some margin, and let me tell you why.

Back in C1, the USP.45 was probably, the best secondary, and maybe the best weapon, along side the Strike Rifle, now, it was good for really just two main reasons; one, it had no fire rate cap on it, and two, if you went for headshots, the TTK was INSANE, with these two things combined, in a skilled players hands, the USP.45 was a beast, just ask Hellsing, probably the best, if not one of the best C1 players in the world.

However, the USP in C2 no longer has a insane RoF, but now has a fixed fire rate, its about has fast as the M60 in Call of Duty Black Ops, but, the body shot damage is much higher. The USP in C1 had very low body shot damage, it took 12 rounds out of 18 to kill somebody with the USP, but in C2, its now between 9 to 5 shots, depending on you and your opponents loadout out. Headshots are still a lot, has in C1, it only took 3, and C2, it can only take 3 if you apply one of the ballistic perks on it.

Also, one new feature of Conduit 2's USP.45, is that the weapon uses its iron sights, however, its not really all the useful, but we'll get into later.


The USP.45 is has changed in some areas, but overall, its still maintained its place as the best secondary. Its effective ranges are cqb, and mid range battles, however, long ranged battles are is not where its suited, and even though its the second best secondary for it, the TTK at this range will be too slow, and using it compared to a Phase Rifle, Strike Rifle, or SCAR, will lose almost every time. However, within its effective range, it is very effective, killing people fast if you can hit about 80% of your shots, however, miss about half of your mag, its pretty slow, but, thankfully, the USP.45 hip-fire is awesome, so hip-fire at close range to kill people, but now, what about that aim down sights? Is it good? Bad? What is it? Well, if you let me, i will tell you. :P

The ADS is very bad at almost any range, only mid ranged, still targets because if you start firing people at close range ADS, you will have to track them as you fire, and are more likely to miss, also, long range is bad because you will miss a lot of your shots due to the spread at range, so, only use ADS when people are standing still, at mid range.

Also, fun fact, the USP.45 is THE fastest weapon in C2, it has the fastest swap time, run speed, and I think reload to, so what does this mean? Well, it means a lot of things, first, if you are using slow weapons, switching to the USP will allow you to cover more ground, and retreat to cover faster then with your primary. Second, it make a great secondary for when your primary weapon is lacking, or when your clip runs out, and last thing, you can use this as a primary weapon, its just that good!

Don't post yet, still got more to type. :P
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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#3
The ADS isn't that bad. It's useful for longer ranges and that's it. I like the USP, but the Warp Pistol is just too fun. :)
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