Merry Christmas to all on the Conduit 2 board.

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

5 years ago#1
As it is now Christmas Day, here in the UK and some other places, may I wish ALL the C2 players across the world a very Merry Christmas.

There is the possibility that I will be seen playing C2 soon, but its more than likely I will be playing a certain zombie game in the next 48 hours.

To everyone that I know on this board,

Andy2 FC 2151-1371-4797 (PAL) AndyInTheUK FC 5157-7476-8700.[LC]Andy FC 2752-6452-7805.(Both NTSC)

User Info: LigersRule

5 years ago#2
Lucky... Cheater. The rest of us (RedArx excluded) have at least 5 more hours. I have 7. We can't wish anybody Merry Christmas yet.
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User Info: ThextheDrudge

5 years ago#3
Merry Christmas to you too!
I cram cheeseburgers up my ass and fart out of my mouth.

User Info: xXAISPXx

5 years ago#4
Glad you are back, Andy. Merry Christmas! I can't wait until 11:59 today :D
TCon-{AISP FC: 3954-8764-7672}
Con2-{AISP FC: 4083-8526-7529 HC-AISP FC: 4642-7312-4915}

User Info: PedroScar

5 years ago#5
Happy holidays everyone!

User Info: Hawke0

5 years ago#6
ThePrisoner06 posted...
As it is now Christmas Day, here in the UK

C2 FC: 0562-2516-9316
"it has teh b noobeh, it k1ll3d meh an iem the best cod playr evar"-90% Of the CoD fanbase.

User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

5 years ago#7
Merry Christmas to all of you!
Certified Horse Proctologist

User Info: Link0548

5 years ago#8
*Speaking to myself*
Time to type my second message evar on gamefaqs hehehe.

Im link on Conduit 2 And everyone have a happy happy and merry merry christmas to all and those of the world who deserve it.

User Info: jasonrk7b

5 years ago#9
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Merry winter solstice to everyone else I guess
Conduit 2 FC's: 0905-7525-6314 (JK)

User Info: Reedeemer

5 years ago#10
Merry Christmas man, to everyone else on the board too!

Had one heck of a day today, these Christmas eve parties ~.~
I'ma just cozy up next to my new Little Inferno and pass out :]
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