Merry Christmas to all on the Conduit 2 board.

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User Info: Darcsen8

4 years ago#11
Happy Holidays everyone!

User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

4 years ago#12
Creativity, More, Often.
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User Info: HungoverHero777

4 years ago#13
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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User Info: nightfire0013

4 years ago#14
Merry Christmas Andy!
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User Info: BobbyJones2828

4 years ago#15
ThePrisoner06 posted...
As it is now Christmas Day, here in the UK and some other places, may I wish ALL the C2 players across the world a very Merry Christmas.

There is the possibility that I will be seen playing C2 soon, but its more than likely I will be playing a certain zombie game in the next 48 hours.

To everyone that I know on this board,


late merry Christmas but a happy new year to you all on the conduit 2 boards

User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

4 years ago#16
Happy New Year! Indeed has it been fun for me.

It's time to spill the beans now. Look in my quote, the original account is suspended.
An Invincible Sniper Professional

User Info: old_man_mossy

4 years ago#17
why'd you get suspended under ASIP? oh, and happy belated Christmas...busy putting stuff together the past few days...

And Happy New Year, early XD (hey it beats late) now...gotta run, have a dog I gotta take to the vet. Catch you all latter!

oh, and T minus 14 days or so till I get back my wii u. For new folks search 0LD_MAN_MOSSY (old with a zero to start...) to see my Nin land posts. Hope I get my original name and system returned, but if not I'll let you know ;)
"Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights and the most idispensible of duties" - Marquis de La Fayette

User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#18
also, Merry Christmas, if late.

But not as late as my Christmas cards... It happens every year, LOL.
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