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User Info: Aiden-OJ

5 years ago#1
27 streak. 36-4
Xbox 360 GamerTag: ajwmawesome - Now playing: 007 Legends,Minecraft 360
PlayStation 3 PSN ID: BlueStar7152 - Now playing: Fifa 13,NFS Most Wanted-Criterion

User Info: B05S_Brennan

5 years ago#2

User Info: CynralKynathel

5 years ago#3
Pseudo-official Co-'Pun'-isher of the Conduit 2 Board. Free-Lancer clan FTW! Too bad you can't join.

User Info: easter85

5 years ago#4
What weapon?
~Proud leader of [UKM]~
easter85: 3998-3706-8643

User Info: 1Pefrog

5 years ago#5
C2: dug - 3868-8372-1864, B05S^dug - 0047-0791-1923
Conduit: dug - 4898-3703-8171

User Info: easter85

5 years ago#6
1Pefrog posted...

hahaha. I bet you are right. Oh, dug, i got a Kill Fest withe D-Star/SCAR :) (about 7 of the kills were w/ the SCAR, but i had stuck them with charges :))
~Proud leader of [UKM]~
easter85: 3998-3706-8643

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