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User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#11
Consumers rushing to try this powerful new slimming aid. See if you qualify for debt settlement!
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Con2-{AISP FC: 4083-8526-7529 HC-AISP FC: 4642-7312-4915}

User Info: DANGER477

4 years ago#12
PedroScar posted...
Club Sandwitch

yummy! :P
DANGER FC 3139-0379-7346
3DS F.C. Sam_ 4339-3599-5777

User Info: PedroScar

4 years ago#13
yea yum :D, chicken or turkey? :O

User Info: Aiden-OJ

4 years ago#14
Ham, Cheese on Pretzel Bum
Xbox 360 GamerTag: ajwmawesome - Now playing: 007 Legends,Minecraft 360
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