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User Info: 1Pefrog

4 years ago#11
eig7hty posted...
^^^ and was that you that just narrowly missed tagging me on streets with a rad while I was sitting in the doorway, it made me jump when it landed XD

Probably ... I used my darkstar stealth loadout because you guys were kicking my teeth in.
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User Info: stardust121

4 years ago#12
I was there for like....half the shared stock match, but gg. Gotta get that profile to shining lobster level.
Conduit 2: 0862-8647-6484(Ricky)
4299-0198-8647 (B05S^Ricky )

User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

4 years ago#13
GG's too, eigh7ty. Except I wasnt even able to play for 5 minutes.
An Invincible Sniper Professional
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User Info: AwesomeSingh

4 years ago#14
eig7hty posted...
It didn't feel???

Bro why did you add me as a RIVAL !!!!!
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