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User Info: TheOmegaShen

4 years ago#41
old_man_mossy posted...
TheOmegaShen posted...
games1256 posted...
So you guys do a parody of what I said because you know I am right and your just mad.

This was a question. You're supposed to end these with a ? mark, not a period.

Lol, not in his bizarro land. Everything he says there is a fact. He doesn't know what a question is because he believes he has all the answers....

You should read his gobbledygook about replacing Dorritos with Spinach and cheese stuffed goat scrotum.....

Weird with a beard, but totally cool with him. Probably a factual, widely accepted real world delicacy in his mind, lol XD

Ruin is the Salvation of Man and Machine
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