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Cancellation for the Ultra Kill Event

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User Info: Orient33

4 years ago#1
Thank you every1 for trying to help and everything, but we are still a bit short on ppl, and I have math to study for. I rly appreciate the help...but we are having a few problems...I will have to cancel this event for now. I would still be interested in doing it the next time we have a long weekend tho. Thanks and sorry.

If u r interested in doing the event next long weekend, pls just insert ur name here:
C2 FC: (Orient) 3310-7730-0201

User Info: stardust121

4 years ago#2
Haha, called it. It's all good though, Ill be up for next time.
Conduit 2: 0862-8647-6484(Ricky)
4299-0198-8647 (B05S^Ricky )

User Info: Rybuger1

4 years ago#3
I'm up for another try! Good luck with your math.

User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#4
I would like to be involved, just for the audio recording.

Orient, you did a great job of trying to make it happen and especially by reminding everyone by PMs. We'll get it next time.
Conduit2FC(36): 3354-2948-5226

User Info: dacheatcode

4 years ago#5
sorry bud, I was out with my family.
*Did you see me? Come down on the sand and sea, Believe me *

User Info: CynralKynathel

4 years ago#6
I'll try again, but put me as a backup since I am never able to make these things.
Pseudo-official Co-'Pun'-isher of the Conduit 2 Board. Free-Lancer clan FTW! Too bad you can't join.
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