My new year's resolution

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User Info: BobbyJones2828

4 years ago#1
My new year's resolution is a stupid one but I want to complete conduit 2 multiplayer (meaning getting the last achievement ultra kill) so can any one help me achieve this please

can anybody help me get the ultra kill achievement:

Crash Site, you all line up next to the engines on the ship & I go & press the button first & after I get the achievement I will come out & shot the floor 3 times telling you I got the achievement & then somebody else will go & do exactly what I did an till we all have the achievement.

6 people at least NOT INCLUDING ME IN LOBBY

People who can help:

Pal players:

Darcsen8 (as Aegis_Device) / 1034-8588-6569

ThePrisoner06 (as Andy2) / 2151-1371-4797

_NecessaryEvil_ (as Matt) / 2366-2962-5964

-Rangaku- (as himself) / 3225-3309-8097

_NecessaryEvil_ son (as Mathew) (shares the same wii as

other wii people (not pal players) (modded their wii):

VintageRonJohn (as RonJohn) / 3868-8419-8160

Can anyone help me who has modded their wii to brake the region lock?
Any response will be appreciated
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