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CONDUIT saga vs Star wars games vs Halo saga

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User Info: Death_Stroke

5 years ago#1
games include Conduit 2, Conduit 1, and any other references to conduit. Star wars includes any of the battlefront games republic commando or any other such titles and/or comics related to the subject.
Halo includes any of the games and/or movies as well as mythos.

Discussion: Well that depends. Try to stick to one subject at a time. It can be anything from online matches to just fav weps and characters from any three titles.
Note: feel free to share thoughts regarding,well anything...debates are strongly recommended.



User Info: xXAISPXx

5 years ago#2
Your signature should be: o_O
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User Info: Aiden-OJ

5 years ago#3
LEGO: Star Wars: The Complete Saga winz.
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User Info: Death_Stroke

5 years ago#4
Just as my opinion I believe Conduit 2 and halo excel in the FPS category.However in terms of storyline star wars passes all. Also(sry halo fans)star wars trashes halo's butt in terms of debate any day. (And yes i am talking about a debate on both as a whole) MC aint got nothing on star wars,though i would love to see adams go head to head against noble squad.LOL.

I will not post much as i am busy with a schedule but i will look forward to any debates on any three subjects(Hint: Star wars vs halo all out debate please)Bye see ya all soon or later.

User Info: Death_Stroke

5 years ago#5
ok rly people.No one here has played star wars or halo.No conduit fans or halo fans??I would expect this from IGN but here....Doesn't anyone like star wars or halo to the point that they will debate on them?Come on u gamers out there.U rly are going to let "Star wars is better than halo" slide???AISP,BO5S,and Dug have u played Star wars or Halo and do u like the sagas?Invite someone to debate plzzz...

and yes AISP i like the new signature(someone has done his deadpool homework lol)


User Info: Chariloe

5 years ago#6
I think Halo has a much better story than Conduit. This is mainly because of how inconsistent the story line is for both games, and Conduit 2 is chock full of plot holes. Star Wars, to me, is tied with Halo in terms of Story. Halo, however is the superior shooter by far. IMO.
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User Info: danner12

5 years ago#7
I only have a wii as may be the case with others on here. I would comment but I do not know about the other 2 subjects.


5 years ago#8
Ep 1 racer >>>> all.
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User Info: LigersRule

5 years ago#9
danner12 posted...
I only have a wii as may be the case with others on here. I would comment but I do not know about the other 2 subjects.

Waitwaitwait... You haven't watched STAR WARS? Dude. What are you doing here. Go gather up your bros, find the biggest TV among you and buy tons of Mountain Dew, and marathon the movies in the following order: Episode 4, 1, 2, 5, 3, 6. Or, alternatively, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6. Go do that now.

That being said, Star Trek beats them all. I'm such a Trekkie now it isn't even funny. Except I'm a TNG Trekkie, which is unusual. I don't care for Spock and Kirk. I care about Riker, Picard, Data, and Wesley Crusher, with the added bonus of Geordi and Worf.

I guess if I had to pick between those listed in the topic, though... Halo > Star Wars >>>>> Conduit. Even though I would submit that Halo is better than Star Wars, if given the choice between showing my best friend Star Wars, and showing him Halo, I would pick Star Wars in a second, because knowledge of Star Wars is essential to any life worth living.

Conduit is a pile of crap, but it's my pile of crap. Nevertheless, it's bottom of this list by a long shot.
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User Info: Hawke0

5 years ago#10
Halo=>Battlefront>original trilogy>Rogue Squadron>Republic Commando>Conduit>>>>>>>star wars TFU>Superman 64>prequel trilogy
now playing Metroid, Castlevania III, Punch Out, and StarTropics.
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