Will conduit 3 happen?

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User Info: games1256

4 years ago#71
B05S_Brennan posted...
games1256 posted...
LigersRule posted...
It's a matter of Brennan talking about probability, and you talking about certainty. You don't even seem to comprehend his argument.

I know what he is talking about. The probability of C3 coming out is NONE.

Did you read what Lig said?

You're acting like it's a fact that C3 won't come out, when it's really just a prediction.

If it's a fact, post proof. If it's a prediction, say "I don't think C3 will come out because of this" instead of "C3 won't come out because of this". If you did this, I think we could all respect you opinion a little more.

It is clear C3 won't come out. But if you want to believe there will be C3 then I will say I predict C3 won't come out.
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