MY YouTube IS UP!!!!!!!

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User Info: easter85

4 years ago#1
TheEaster85, is now up and running. My videos will not be SUPER-high quality, because I don't have a capture card :/ Videos should be up soon. Any suggestions of my first video for Conduit 2??
[GoldenEye] easter85: 5215-8904-4110
[Conduit2] easter85: 3998-3706-8643

User Info: stardust121

4 years ago#2
UP = under-powered... just saying haha :P

And try something fun if possible. Maybe having people chase you as a decoy, and teammates just pick them off while that happens. Tpc traps... good arc eclipse gameplay...

Could be a fun watch.
Conduit 2: 0862-8647-6484(Ricky)
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User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#3
Subscribe to xXAISPXx and you will get a subscription.
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  3. MY YouTube IS UP!!!!!!!

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