Top 8 Things that will make C3 last.

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4 years ago#1
In light of the slowly minimizing community here at gamefaqs for the past year and a half, I've put a lot of thought into all the things that contribute to Con2 slowly becoming less exciting, as well as all the things that have already contributed to the games long life.

And I have created this list of items that should be part of the Con3 package, that doesn’t include gameplay.
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4 years ago#2
Number Eight
System Stability.

From Tcon we learned, or at least I did, that system stability is HUGELY important .
The inability for me to sit down and play interrupted for long periods of time was by far the largest factor in me putting down Tcon. It simply was not worth putting in the disk, and loading the game when chances where that I would get a spawn glitch when I joined a game.
Thankfully, Con2 improved on this immensely. Though still not flawless, it has reached a point where it no longer provides a significant barrier.
HVS now just needs to remember how significant it was, and not let things slip for C3.
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4 years ago#3
Number Seven
Connection Quality.

Oh yes.
I feel as if the poor connection quality of Con2 is likely to be one of the biggest factors moving people away from the game.
The thing about connection quality that makes it so important is… When the game is laggy… Everyone feels cheated. There may be some advantage in one persons favor, but still both people are pulling off shots just aren't taking.
And aside from that, Its just frustrating. It makes it difficult to move, difficult to see, difficult to find patterns, difficult to predict, and generally just promotes a ton of inability, and in the worst cases, helplessness.

I really don't think I have to say much about how important this is.
I’m willing to bet that most of us have spent money in attempts to improve our connection even SLIGHTLY.
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4 years ago#4
Number Six
Connecting Quickly.

Ooooh, A lot of connection stuff going on here isn’t there.
Now by connecting quickly I’m talking about how long it takes to log into WFC, as well as how long it takes to connect to matches.
HVS kinda had a mixed bag here with Con2.
True, connecting to matches is Very fast.
A year ago, I very rarely even saw the “searching for close matches” I was usually connected within 15 seconds to an ‘ideal’ match. Once I joined, I didn't have to stand around waiting or spectating, I was able to jump right in, and that was extremely nice.

HOWEVER, HVS also introduced the long process of “Checking for updates” every time you got on.
Combine this with lingering stability issues… I will say that a fair number of my sessions have been cut short simply because of the time it would have taken me to get back into another game.
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4 years ago#5
Number Five

If it wasn’t the Spawn Glitch that got you to stop playing Tcon, It was the poor security.
Poor security is a plague unto itself. But it also places a lot more stress on items 7,6, and 5.
It goes without saying that HVS managed to do an incredible job with the security on CON2.
Even after being so long since they’ve released patches, I still only see hackers very very very occasionally. And oddly enough, it seems that even the glitchers have all gone away, though I honestly do not think the two are unrelated.

Oh, and speaking of patches…
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4 years ago#6
Number Four
Regular Updates.

What sort of game would CON2 be if it hadn’t been for the updates?
It might have actually been somewhat close to how bad the early reviews made it sound.
Updates really keep people playing for two reasons.

A: They make the game better.
People enjoy playing it more. You can actually see this.
If you were to make a graph of game reviews for Con 2 based on date going from launch, to the period after the latest update, You’d see the average score for the game go from like… A 4.3, all the way up probably into the 8s. The Con2 of launch is completely incomparable to the Con2 of today.

B: It gives people a reason to stick around.
Punch can tell us all about that.
But he wasn’t the only one. In fact, there were hoards of people hanging on update to update.

Now, updates are a HUGE. But they only rank #2 on my list for two reasons.
Updates and patches require a LOT of work. It is unrealistic to expect them to keep releasing too far beyond the launch window.
The second is because their effectiveness is going to be largely dependent on the next item on the list.
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4 years ago#7
Number Three
Community Involvement.

Man oh man.
Anybody here play Trauma Center?
You know that miraculous green goop you can inject into your patient when they reach critical, and suddenly they’re all happy as clams?
That is pretty much the effect HVS had on this place.
During the period where they were still releasing updates, when somebody was to make a thread like this one, you would EXPECT somebody from HVS to respond to it eventually. And even if they didn’t, you know they’d read it.

Also, when somebody like Games started coming in and telling people what HVS would or would not do, you would EXPECT HVS to come in and start smacking them around till they ragequit.

The community here at Gfaqs wouldn’t exist w/o them.
Their involvement here made this the gathering place for all fans of the game.
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4 years ago#8
Number Two
New Weapons

Thinking about WHY I actually continue to play. Obviously I think its fun, But what does that mean?
Well, I feel accomplished when I do well. I enjoy showcasing skills that I’ve spent a lot of time learning. I especially enjoy playing the people I play with.
But there is one more thing.
I really enjoy learning new things.
As I become better and better at the game, there is less and less for me to enjoy learning.

Here’s the thing, Nothing is quite going to prevent a game from getting stale…. Like getting something new.
And adding a new gun to the game? Well that could really freshen things up for quite a long time.

I’m having a hard time even imagining how rejuvenating adding another weapon could be.
Because it wouldn’t just be one new thing that I would have the option of learning.
In a game like Conduit, everything basically effects everything else.
Its not exactly rock paper scissors, but a new ingredient in the mix really helps to spice things up.

How long do you think a new weapon would extend your interest in the game?
I could imagine that DLC as infrequent as One new weapon / year on the anniversary of release could have incredible impact.
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656


4 years ago#9
Number One
New Maps.

Going off the same theme as item #2, I think New Maps has the potential to extend the life of a game unlike anything else.
By far one of the largest factors determining player skill is actually how well a player knows a level.
I’ve said this before, but…
A skilled player fighting on an unfamiliar level is at a disadvantage to even the worst of players, who only know the level.

Unlike weapons, the learning curves for maps are massive, AND they don’t have a very profound effect on weapon balance.

If there was only one thing I could as for to keep Con2 more interesting, It would be to add another level.

Now, I actually think there is an opportunity for Paid DLC here.
Here’s the scenario I’m imagining.

Every 6 months, HVS releases a new map for…. $12.99 or something.
However, maps become free after 3 months.

SOOOO…. What you end up doing it creating excitement and anticipation in the community every 3 months.
The first set comes from the buyers. When they get the maps, they all talk and discuss and make a lot of noise.
And then three months later, all the people who decided to wait, or could not buy all do the same thing.
So even though its 1 map, it rejuvenates the community twice ;)

Now, I think its important to introduce some form of paid DLC.
As much as I am against it.
Otherwise there will be no incentive to HVS to maintain the game.

New weapons… I don’t think are worth it, and because the balance concerns of weapons I think in the best interest of the game to be very conservative in releasing them.

But levels? They are much more significant.

Also… With DLC ( especially paid DLC ), there is always the risk of what the player gets packed in disk.
However… I feel too many maps on release of a game actually will have a negative affect.
So I feel at least the risk is balanced out.

SO, to sum up #1
I feel that a release schedule of Maps is the best way to ensure a long term community.
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656


4 years ago#10
A party system.

I can definitely see the benefits of a party system.
But it is also a double edge sword. It favors established community members, but at the expense of new blood.
The key to any long term community is New blood. What percentage of this community was here at launch? What percentage of the community that was here at launch is gone?
A poor party system has the potential to bring about a premature death to a struggling game.
It would be a death of asphyxiation.

Local multiplayer.

This topic focus’s on online.
Local multiplayer is a separate beast, many of these elements parallel with it.

Online chat.

Uh, yeah. Chat sucks much of the time. No evidence it contributes to community.

Ditching of FC system and/or easier exchange of profile information.

Its something people like to complain about, but not because it actually has a tremendous effect.
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656
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