IDK if GX4 is hacking or lagging anymore :|

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  3. IDK if GX4 is hacking or lagging anymore :|
(message deleted)


4 years ago#12
Somebody reported me :|
I can't edit posts...

I think actually he must have switched the the MP5, but the graphic was still updating so it looked like the dark star.

But the entire match was super sketchy. It was a pentagon match, and I didn't catch it on film but, and he was playing as Savage

I've always thought Savage was a hacker. I've made a few threads about it before.
But I mean, I was seeing super speed. I was constantly seeing ridiculous ROF coming out of the dark star, so much so that I was wondered how he would still have ammo for it.
And then, He would constantly just appear behind you.

This happened three times or so, You see him fighting out in the center courtyard, you run into a room and hide and then... You don't see him come out when he expect he should...
And then you get back stabbed.

Dug said that GX4 and Savage are the same person.
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User Info: Chesluk

4 years ago#13
From: B05S_Brennan | #010
And I think it fires faster if you press the trigger in a sort of rhythm, but I'm not sure.

That's usually the way to go with semis that have a lower fire cap. If you can fire faster than the gun allows you to you'll just hit the cap and jam it, so keeping your RoF consistent and within the cap helps to avoid it.
"Then maybe you are just have dodging them." -B05S_Brennan


4 years ago#14

I know he could easily be moving fast just from glitches and lag. And there's really no way to control that.
But it could SOOOO easily just be explained by hacks.

I mean, I've got supercharger and my MP5, and he's running SOOO much faster than me with his PR loadout, I can't even keep up to finish off my kills.
He's crossing entire levels in a matter of seconds.
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656

User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#15
XG4, you are mysterious. I don't accuse you as a hacker, though. Make videos, please!
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User Info: kastastic

4 years ago#16
XG4 a U nOOb.

Sounds like you got a XG4 butt stompin but either way lol at this topic.
Lets sing a song...Jingle Bells JinglBells, Jingle all the way...
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  3. IDK if GX4 is hacking or lagging anymore :|

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