Two perk suggestings.

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4 years ago#1
For a Hypothetical update, and/or Con3.

Metal Legs:
I think metal legs could stand to be removed.
There is a lot of disparity between movement in the game, more than there should be.
Enough where I think removing Metal Legs could be done.

However, I don't think such a huge change is necessary.

If it were to stay, running shouldn't be infinite.
All a perk need is an advantage.
So if I'm chasing a metal legs user, I'll get exhausted, and they'll get away.
And if I'm running from a metal legs user, I'll get exhausted, and be caught.
I think that is its role.

Allowing you to cross an entire level, never slowing down the entire way?
I think that is actually a bit detrimental to the game.

So what I would do instead would make it so Metal Legs extends your running time somewhere between 30 and 50 Percent.
Enough to give you that critical advantage.
But not enough to allow players to make it back to where they died before the players had time to fully recover.

The other perk is Stealth.

There is one terrible thing about stealth, which is actually one of the main reasons I don't use it.
Players on your own team cannot see you.

The result of using stealth can be you leaving your team members high and dry.
And it can simply be because they do not know where to find you.

I think it would be a lot better if it were made so stealth only had an effect on the opposing team.

I also think that it should be nerfed in some way.
Sometimes they seem a little TOO undetectable.
Like maybe you had to be further than 5 meters away from somebody to not show up on their radar.
And along with that, I'd make it so that you Could run w/o showing up on peoples radar, so long as you were REALLY far away.
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