3 RoTs in 2 days.

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User Info: ZooYorkSkater16

4 years ago#1
I got 2 yesterday with the MP5KA1 and the Spas 12 and I got one this morning before l left. By the way My secondary profile is DubstepFan on the game so if you get a rival request you can accept it if you want. Anyways do you guys have any awesome gameplays you had lately?

User Info: Loremas1861

4 years ago#2
XG4: LULZ. I get 30 RoTs per minute. I don't even need to play the game. I got certified sweat-shop asians to do that for me. #GETONMYLEVEL #SWAG #YOLO #IMTHEGREATEST #DANGALANGMAN

But in seriousness, great job ZooYork! Sad that I'm not that active anymore.
"Hold B to make dubstep"
- Derppopotamus
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  3. 3 RoTs in 2 days.

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