1 is such a jerk

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User Info: Memo-77

4 years ago#11
1Pefrog posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
How is it hard to describe? Just state what's in it, if you remember it.

It's widow maker specialization with no widow maker in the load out. 1 hopes to pick up a widow maker during the game. Mike once had a private match with dark star and widow maker with specialization. I think that is where 1 got the idea.

Well, I guess that some users would pick their loadouts as the needs appear....sometimes I have no time to change my loadouts between the games and make a mess with my perks...that's why I play with PR specialization and no PR as a primary weapon...I have read many times in gfaqs that some users copy the loadouts from other users, maybe they are just trying new things and the combination ends the same....personally I don't look at the users profiles in the lobbys, even when I'm dead I do not pay attention on the loadouts of the one that shot me....
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User Info: drophyghost

4 years ago#12
1Pefrog posted...
drophyghost posted...
1Pefrog posted...
He is using dark star loadouts inspired by Mike's 6v3. Reverse damage, stealth, SMAW and a strange loadout that is hard to describe but only works if someone drops a widowmaker. He is apologetic if he knows you and kills you with these cheap tactics. He is really only using it because it is fun to him ... I mean I'm just guessing it is fun to him.

Haven´t you used the Dark Star + SMAW loadout too? I remember someone killed me with that loadout but I´m not a 100% sure it was you... It was in Sanctum Prime like a week ago, I was using the deatomizer with -HC-Zeltic or GeGuiGames, I don´t remember that neither

Once in a while I will pick up one if I am out of ammo and that is the best option.

mmm in that case I guess it wasn´t you. That guy had the SMAW in his loadout, he didn´t picked up

User Info: Mey_girl

4 years ago#13
I played with he little, I can't say anything haha
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User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#14
I've only played 1 once, and I figured it was an alt of someone here, based on the loadout, playstyle and overall skill. Either he didn't stick around long or got DC'd.
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