what is your favorite drudge weapon?

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User Info: stardust121

4 years ago#11
HC-Gabe posted...
drophyghost posted...
HC-Gabe posted...
drophyghost posted...
The Hive Cannon =) the design is awesome and it is a quite good weapon =)

I stopped using Hive Cannon because it is kinda OP, but definitely fun to use and run around the map screaming "MUAHAHAHAHAHA! COME AT ME BRRRROOOOO! MUAHAHAHA! THERE IS NO ESCAPE! DIEDIEDIE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so evil. :b"

Yes! I don´t use it because... because... I don´t know xD And without EF It´s not that OP (or not at all)... Which weapon would win in a medium range combat? carbonizer or the hive cannon? (Without any upgrades) I am just wondering, I need some new loadouts =)

Well depends on who is using the carbonized. Remember that if you can stick the Hive Cannons secondary fire to the enemy, you can run around and your bullets will be about 100% accurate.

It's not necessarily easy to stick people though. plus, you need to be close enough to actually sticky them.

I'd go hive cannon. It's a pretty fun weapon to mess around with. The shots are good for dealing small damage and to pick off weakened guys, and it's just a pretty cool weapon.
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User Info: drophyghost

4 years ago#12
Thanks! I think I will stay with the Hive Cannon =)
BTW, hi stardust! I played with you once... You were awesome!

User Info: kilfrfun

4 years ago#13
Striker from the first game
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User Info: Chariloe

4 years ago#14
The Strike Rifle. It was such a cool looking weapon, and a very deadly one to boot. It was fine to handle, and could do fairly well at all ranges. Although it was pretty OP in TCon because of it's insane RoF and charge time, I still like that version better than it's C2 counterpart, which was just terrible and awkward to use compared to its original version IMO.
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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#15
old_man_mossy posted...
Strike rifle is my vote. There's been guys on here who complain its cheap, but its always been one of the more challenging and fun weapons for me to use. Not the best with it...that honor goes to the hive...but I always loved semi auto assault rifles you can confuse with snipers. The chargeable nature of it and the awesome scope effect more than bring it home for me.

Someone who understands the SR!! :D The Phase Rifle is such an OP gun because it's so easy to use. It doesn't even have any sway. Quickscopes and trickshots are way too easy. It takes some skill to use the SR as a sniper. But it's sooo much more fun!
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User Info: old_man_mossy

4 years ago#16
I use to main the m14 in CoD MW Reflex as well as Blops, love that gun, even have the civilian model in my gun safe. That gun is my all time favorite....think it goes back to my Dad being a qualified marksman w/it during his stint in the service.

Lol, when all the other kids were playing with m16 replicas back in their backyards I distinctively remember my mock 14 pellet gun fighting my imaginary wars :D

If I was a drudge kid, it would have been a strike rifle, lol, the two seem close enough anyway.

The big 'equalizer' for the phase rifle is its RoF since its a bolt action...plus it's ba is left sided while all the character models are right handed meaning they oddly have to actually drop scope to reload. Painfully slow between shots, and since that nice piece of glass takes so much time to tune in through objects should you miss....well it's not grossly OP'D in my opinion (but does have some balance issues)

Talking about this game the past few days has sorta made me miss it, lol. Capcom has me pretty tied up at the moment though, between monster hunter and res evil rev. If I ever run across a copy again I'll take it as a sign and pick it up. Miss my Left*Overs buddies.
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