Rouge Shadow Legion Recruiting.

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User Info: --Hope--

4 years ago#11

Ok this is getting out of hand. Anyone can join. No uniforms. There are no rules. Just be yourself and have fun. That's all. We don't want a strict clan we just want a bunch of friends.

One other thing RSL stands for Reconnaissance Strike Legion.--- Trust division that gathers intel, then deploys specially modified trust agents to commence a tactical insurgency in the area, depending on the mission, squads can range from pairs of 2 up to 6 agents. Drudge assistance is rare, but depending on the importance the Trust R.S.L may dispatch a unit of storm scarabs, or in more severe cases, a squad of terra-elite drudge commandos. Each commando is equipped with a striker and an A.R.C. eclipse. A side weapon usually is an enhanced warp pistol with homing capabilities.

We are sorry about the mix up with the acronym meanings. It was supposed to stand for Recon. Strike. Legion. but Kriss mixed them up with another thing. Sigh* It seems the community goes to h*** when I'm gone....or when I am here. Either way, it's amusing....

Again this is all role-play and was designed by me.
I will be adding on and expanding the world of Trust, filling in info Hvs has neglected from the storyline.
I have joined a clan, RSL here is my FC we are recruiting, and Kriss is co-leader

User Info: hc-valkiria

4 years ago#12
Even though ur new to the board, what u r demanding for joining a clan is too harsh, especially considering that ur clan isn't even well known nor composed of players to justify the rules. In addition, colors of avatars are negated in team play which nullifies ur requirement for specified colors. In short, it sounds too dictatorial. I do not intend to sound rude or harsh, but I just want you to succeed in forming your clan. Best of luck!

User Info: night42mare

4 years ago#13
xXKrissXx posted...
Well if you guys are just going to mock me and my clan then don't post on my topic!!!!! Harsh people, its my first time on the board. :( Im sorry that me post isn't pitch perfect. I just wanted to start a clan, not be mocked. Well i guess its what I get for starting a clan. :(

With so few people playin and so many clans everyones gonna do that. Its just the way people are. Dont. take it to personally. Not tryin to mock just tryin to help. I can join if u want. Nobody wanted to join eclipse.
When in doubt, blow it up!!! Fc: 0519-6423-6202 soul2&-fc:4084-6731-4819
eclipse^rage fc:0433-96528-6899

User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#14
Dear Kriss,

I too thought this board was mean and old, especially when Falcon raged on and on about the Hive Cannon. You'll get used to it, hopefully.

P.S I did not call you guys mean and old.
P.S I think your clan is beautiful.
P.S Hello Kriss.

Currently Playing: Conduit 2, [Wii]Goldeneye007, SSBB, The Conduit, Mario Kart Wii
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