another hacker discovered

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User Info: hc-valkiria

4 years ago#1
Valkiria here again. I discovered a new player known "HAZARD". Thia guy isnt as bad as other hackers as his only cheat is infinite health. He used a standard phase rifle loadout in the match with me.

User Info: Mey_girl

4 years ago#2
Gio, fu, super..... More? >.>
Est is my bro n_n

User Info: The21stgun

4 years ago#3
Mey_girl posted...
Gio, fu, super..... More? >.>

afraid so :( *lowers tail* theres no stopping them
Stay Furry Forever!
Xbox GT: xXWARXSWITCHXx 3ds fc: 4468-1457-3557 (pm if added me)
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