C2 Definition of the term "n00b"

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User Info: HC-Gabe

4 years ago#31
xXAISPXx posted...

Oh boy...

What has this board turn into...really?

A triangle:

NIice/________\ Meany Heads,
"You're mind-bafflingly adorable! <3~~~" -Loremas

User Info: Mindesyn

4 years ago#32
^ Good lord what a fail.
Black Ops 2: Mindesyn
Sucks to be you cause I hack to counter hack hackers like you that hack so hackers gone legit dont get hacked

User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#33
TheOmegaShen posted...
_Signal posted...
I totally missed the other thread, so I'm glad you made this one.

I hope that this is sarcasm...


I did miss the other one.

How did it turn out?
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User Info: Silent_Nexus

4 years ago#34
lol. I'm highly offended with option E. :P
"Tag, you're dead."
-Anya Alstreim (Code Geass)

User Info: Silent_Nexus

4 years ago#35
--Hope-- posted...
First of all, what the heck is a liger?! Get your head out of fantasy land, cause tigers and leopards don't mate!

A liger is born when a tiger and lion make a baby.
"Tag, you're dead."
-Anya Alstreim (Code Geass)

User Info: HC-Gabe

4 years ago#36
Silent_Nexus posted...
lol. I'm highly offended with option E. :P

"You're mind-bafflingly adorable! <3~~~" -Loremas

User Info: LigersRule

4 years ago#37
--Hope-- posted...
First of all, what the heck is a liger?! Get your head out of fantasy land, cause tigers and leopards don't mate! Another thing. My definition of immaturity is trolling the board and more importantly trolling other users. Go suck up to the moderators Liger while your at it...
Anyway, since goody little falcon left I have been itching for a troll fight...

This is quite possibly the most hilarious post I have ever seen.

First of all, I toyed with the idea of being a moderator for a while, and even sent in an app, but I ended up changing my mind about the situation. I'm not fond enough of GameFAQs to do that.

2nd... I'm a troll? Seriously? I love Conduit 2, and have been an active member of this board and community for 4 years. I practically live here. I'm just pretty pissed that this board is being overrun by people who seem to think their cool, when in fact they are a bunch of 9 year olds who don't even understand forum etiquette. Several people here have admitted that the only reason they play Conduit is because their PARENTS won't let them play M rated games, like Call of Duty or Goldeneye. Man, if your parents are that seriously against violent video games, you should stop trying to rebellious.

Next... If you think an intellectual 'fight' with me would be anything like Falcon's 'no u' trolling, you've got another thing coming. If you STILL think you want to "troll fight" me, please, shoot me a PM. I guarantee it will end with you either cutting of contact with me or blocking me.

Let's reserve this whole section for talking about my name
My name comes from a variety of different sources. For starters, I first started using the name "LigerWeirdo" back 6 years ago. I got (justly) banned for being underaged, at the age of 12. When I was 13, I made this account in compliance with GameFAQs ToU. I've never changed accounts, and I'm almost 19 now. I first started using it because of the TV series Zoids. It was pretty much awesome. Don't really care about it now, but whatever. Not throwing away all this karma now.

Besides that, a Liger is a cross between a maleLION and a female TIGER. They sound imaginary, but they aren't. They are real creatures, though not entirely natural. They reach about double the size of either of their parental species, and almost resemble bears more than cats. The largest known Liger on the planet reached over 900 lbs. (410 kgs). It's a fitting animal for me, then, as I'm 6'6" myself, and am freakishly huge.

Oh, and the name Lig comes from my profession. I'm a (technically "profesional") musician. There is a part on a saxophone and a clarinet called a Ligature. It holds the reed onto the mouthpiece. It is often shortened as a "Lig". Thus, it refers to both the biggest thing in my life (my music), my online persona (LigersRule), AND my DNA (being a giant of a man, resembling a Liger). That is why my name is the way it is. Not because I'm stuck in "fantasy land".

That is all. This was a really fun post to type. Thanks for being so... abrasive.
*Insert 25 wit here*

User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

4 years ago#38
Overall, I like this post, Lig, you don't really know his true age do you? So in that regard, you need to stop making judgements like that, because, well, you don't really know the full story, and in any case, ita kinda not like you to seem, well, hateful, even if thats not your intent, (Which I doubt it is) you just give him a break. :>
Conduit, More, Often.
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User Info: AriDrekiHjarta

4 years ago#39
My definition of a noob is Gabe.

User Info: TheOmegaShen

4 years ago#40
Lig's post saved this thread from being completely terrible.
Do the impossible, see the invisible
Row row, fight the powah
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