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Average number of kills that you get in pubs?

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  3. Average number of kills that you get in pubs?

User Info: TheOmegaShen

4 years ago#1
I usually stay in the 20-30 range.
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User Info: Galasky

4 years ago#2
20-35 Range
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4 years ago#3
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656

User Info: Loremas1861

4 years ago#4
18-27 Kills usually. Not a too generous estimate, but not modest either.

User Info: drophyghost

4 years ago#5
1 - 7 lol
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User Info: VintageRonJohn

4 years ago#6
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User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#7
Lag/ Full Lobby Explosive: 2-20

No lag: 20-40

Rather simple.
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User Info: Darcsen8

4 years ago#8
20-30 kills

User Info: -HC-P4G

4 years ago#9
It's kinda tough to say, but if I had to pin a specific range, I'd have to say between 0-100, most of the time.
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User Info: Memo-77

4 years ago#10
1....if I get Lucky....XD

Perkless: none. lol.
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  3. Average number of kills that you get in pubs?

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