Since clans sem to be booming, we need to come up with an official banlist.

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  3. Since clans sem to be booming, we need to come up with an official banlist.


4 years ago#91
Mindesyn posted...
Can someone do Chain a favor and make a competitive 1v1 banlist thread so his ideas and posts actually have merit behind them? Cause he's just embarrassing himself in this one.

The one PR/Widow/RD user per team rule. isnt complicated in the least, unless your clan is that disorganized and has that much lack of communication, in which case if B05S shows up with two RD users, oh well. Just play anyways, cause if we fight about bans forever, the wars never happen, and the game isnt competitive anymore, its a debate game.

This board sees more competitive activity then the actual game its dedicated to.

Once again, pro swimmer that never got in a pool.

Stop acting like your opinions are representative.

Calling me out the way you are doing is nothing but a red herring.

It's another thing that needs to be sorted out before playing on a per match basis. By definition, thats making thing more complicated. The whole Idea for coming up with standards was to ELIMINATE some of this pre game set up.

I'm not saying, nor did I ever say it was too complicated, only that was more complicated.
Do you disagree?
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User Info: Mindesyn

4 years ago#92
Of course I agree, but whats complicated, nay IMPOSSIBLE to do, is make that unified rules, I TRIED, oh by the gods did I try, I got clan leaders together and those arguments in the C2 chat were the longest, most stressful, wastes of time Ive ever put into a game, but we got a finished product.

You can unify bans, but you cant unify, number of players, game mode, maps, times, dates, which players, objectives etc, with all THAT to hash out before a match, whats a few bans?

It SHOULD be left up to the leaders or representing leaders of the match for example, Me and Brennan should take our guys thoughts and concerns into effect and discuss it leader to leader, without the added input from outsiders (aka you, trolls, or rival clans) and that should be the way it goes. Me and Brennan have been doing this the longest, we were the first ones to make clans that are in this current clan era, and my clan, Lost Cause, has had the most wars, and the most experience in clan war setup, so yes I do think MY opinion outranks yours and most others in this matter. The only other people that really sway my choices are Brennan, Mey, and Khmer, the most active leaders with the most active clans

Call me arrogant but thats how it goes, Im part of a pretty good W/L record with Lost Cause, Ive been Battle Ladder King, Ive been Doubles Battle Ladder King, Ive played competitively in C2, maybe not as much as you, but Ive been more successful. You cant dispute that fact, not to mention the numerous 1v1s Ive had on the side. I know what makes and breaks in a clan war. The only thing I havent seen tested is the SMAW, cause its been banned since day 1.

If you want to re-read or alter the existing attempt at the unified bans/rules and regulations?

Im all ears.
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4 years ago#93
I don't expect a unified set of bans to come out of this.

But I DO expect this discussion ( and later discussions ) to play a large role in the rules agreed upon during deliberations.
We're helping to build a consensus and understanding, even if they're not going all the way to being rigid rules.

It affect what load-outs people are willing to invest in for competitive play, and how people are used to playing competitively, which is how it is relevant to the battle ladder, or even random challenge matches.

It even has the potential to affect what weapons we're likely to see often in pubs.

And while you might find this kind of discussion trying and stressful, they the very reason I came to Gamefaqs, and to the Con2 board in the first place.
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User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#94
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
I haven't really read anything except for the first and last pages tbh, mostly because I don't have WiFi except at BK, so I'm just gonna make a list of all the things I feel should be banned in comp play, don't expect a response unless you comment within the 45 mins or till tommarow. (BK is about 15 - 20 min walk away from my house, 40 - 30 mins tottal)

Weapon bans: SMAW, Hive Cannon.

SMAW is a unbalaced/op weapon, and so is the Hive Cannon, just fact, and its obvious why.

Perk bans: PR Tuning, Reverse Damage.

PR Tuning should be banned because there is a random element for tuned players, they nevrr know when they are being tuned in short. + RD should be banned, because unless they are one shot killed, they are invincible pretty much.

Perks that should not be banned: PR Spec, Double Armor, Window Maker Spec.

PR Spec should not be banned because the PR is dramaticly underpowered because ofthe slow RoF, clip size, and other factors, also, because of that, double armor shouldnot be banned, however, if that person is using the PR, they cannot use Improved Ballistics, because with PR Spec, The dmg Control Point, and IB, it negates the effects of Double Armor.

Also, widowmaker spec should mot be banned because you can just use flash grenades or Stealth to counter it, and yes, it flash grenades counter it easily.

I'll add other stuff later, I'll respond in about 30, 40 mins or tommarow. :)

The PR isn't underpowered without PR. Spec. It just requires skill, like snipers should. One hit kills should never be easy to get.
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  3. Since clans sem to be booming, we need to come up with an official banlist.

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