My biggest complaint about Con2 right now...

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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#11
1Pefrog posted...
There is a no-radar skill ... being able to traverse a map without being seen while seeing where others are.

Stealth used to be like that. Expect everyone abused it having Scar and Spas classes with stealth on them. Nobody even used it to be stealthy, they just rushed with it on. Man...hardcore needs to have something added to it to make new players WANT to play it.
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4 years ago#12
What I want is a radar that basically does everything the current radar does within like 10 yards or something, but that can see really far in the direction that you are looking.

SO, you'd be able to sneak past people, by staying further than 10 yards away from them, you'd be able to use radar to track everything that was happening in your immediate area ( in greater detail ) And by scanning, you'd be able to look and find.

That is what I want.
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  3. My biggest complaint about Con2 right now...

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