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User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

4 years ago#41
SrChronic posted...
FaLc0niZWaSTeD posted...
You're making it pretty painfully obvious. You censor the word s**t the same way (which can get you modded, BTW). You even have the same, "lolz, just falcon misbehaving again" type of demeanor in trying to laugh off my points. Others here seem to have short memories and are quick to assume the same.

Wow Mr. Detective. You're good! Sure, you have good points to back up your theory, but do you think i would really be that dumb enough to tell you guys all those things? I've been here for a long time and I've seen just about every alt come and go. I've seen how they all get caught. If i made an alt, I'd be smart enough to make sure nobody knows it's me. Aside from that, everyone knows I don't do alts. That's like giving someone else credit for your skill . Plus, i'd be dumb to even come back to this game during its current state. It's even worse now then when i left it last year. So nice try, Hawk.

Well I would much rather prefer the Hulk's skill, so I can ultimately break my Wii.
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User Info: FaLc0niZWaSTeD

4 years ago#42
Hawk? lmao
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