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User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#21
Hi StarWolff,

The two main online modes are Grab Bag and Hardcore. Grab Bag has lockon, Hardcore does not. I've never failed to find a Grab Bag Team match using matchmaking, but it's tough to find a Hardcore game that way.

There are several of us that prefer HC, so just get our Friend Codes added. Whenever I see someone online, I usually join their match, then leave that lobby at the end of the match and go to HC, hoping that they will follow.

This works more than half the time.

Also, you can always post that you're looking for a HC match. That should help.

As far as compared to TCon, there is no more spawning in the wall, and while there is a small band of hackers, they haven't over run the game yet.

Hopefully we'll see you online.

I've been trying to get Punch back for a while now, LOL.
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User Info: LigersRule

4 years ago#22
StarWolfff posted...
Ligers! Punchout! It's been a while fellas, good to hear from you.

And it sounds like the game is semi-active which is good to hear. If I can find a cheap used copy, then I might try to get into the online modes after never playing the game. Which is a shame, I loved the original TCon.

It has been a while. Good to see you.

It really isn't the same. There is a reason none of those old vets from the TCon board stuck around besides Punch and I. It's not the same game, except for the weapons. I mean, they turned the campaign into Duke Nukem. The multiplayer is much more Call of Dutyish.

If you can find a cheap copy, it might be worth it, just to find out if it's good or not. We're kinda in a summer boom right now, which is always a plus. We even have like 8 or 9 active clans on the board here.
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