GGs Aakify SHADQW , Surge.

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User Info: -APB_Saix

4 years ago#1
Good Games. Really Fun. I Left because The BWP AGENt47 Or Whatever Made The Game Laggy.
C2 [APB]_Saix* FC: 0519 4495 4378 . 2nd Account [O$C] Vironix FC 0219-2421-1343

User Info: night42mare

4 years ago#2
i played with them. but aakify and shadow only use spas. but i think yesterday surge and i were sticking mines to each other and skrewing with people.
When in doubt, blow it up!!! Fc: 0519-6423-6202 soul2&-fc:4084-6731-4819
eclipse^rage fc:0433-96528-6899

User Info: Galasky

4 years ago#3
Gig's! Those db's made me rage a bit and tried to counter it but I failed so bad... but still.. I had fun!
SHADQW - C2 FC: 0862-7209-1729
[D-S]*SHADQW FC: 4642-5304-9131

User Info: aakify1

4 years ago#4
Your really good. Gg's
Con2 -{Aakify FC: 5157-6690-9639}, [D-S]*Aakify FC: 1722-3986-4040
GE - {Aakify FC: 3457-0371-5948}
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