Two Questions

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User Info: ShotgunToFace

4 years ago#11
> Just stand in front of a mirror and post my name on this forum 3 times and I will suddenly appear

All jokes aside nice to see you are still around as well.

User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#12

It's nice to see you.

The game is still moderately active. I've never failed to find a match in BTGB, but that's the only one that you can really count on for random matchmaking.

Several of us play HC in private matches, and sometimes we can grow a decent pub as well.

There really aren't that many hackers, only a few, and for the most part, how should I say this, they don't usually do game-breaking hacks.

I suppose it could be worse during the daytime, when I'm not playing. At night it really isn't that bad.

The worst problem is still the same one we've always had-lag.

Enough about us and this, how are you doing and what have you been up to?
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User Info: ThePrisoner06

4 years ago#13
Krish dont think Ive spoken to you before, but its nice to see you back.

As for hackers, a few but only now and then.

As for how much its played, not as busy as last summer, nearly been two years since I got a NTSC console.

But I would say its just as active, but alas a lot of the really good players from last year have gone.
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