attention all hc members regarding aer match

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User Info: drophyghost

3 years ago#31
What???? =,(
Conduit 2 FC: 2881 - 9625 - 3883 =)
BTW, sorry for my English :P

User Info: hc-valkiria

3 years ago#32
sorry about today guys. i researched why this happened and it turns out to be yet another problem thanks to hvs. threrefore, i propose that we have another practice match on wednesday and please start coming to a consensus on the time since i will be free any time that day. also, i will use my headset in all matches i play so if you battle me in a big team grab bag please be advised that i will take advantage of that and try to PRACTICE with you. so if you hear me telling you that i can practice, please initiate a cease fire with me as i will work on running techniques and strategies. so far, my mic has worked in public matches which is why i am offering this unique situation. i will also be online for the rest of today so please join me if possible.
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  3. attention all hc members regarding aer match

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