SMAW rocket launched = frozen Wii

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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#11
Uh I swear they need to fix the lag and freezes in Conduit 3. Make it battlefield smooth.
-God have mercy on America.-

User Info: B05S_Brennan

4 years ago#12
"Wait, why would you be talking to a marshmallow about Brennan?" -HungoverHero777

User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

4 years ago#13
This happens to me when I face MSM. I can get into games and not have that much trouble with connection. If I was with you, Gio was playing and he was cheating. Moral of the story: cheaters make my Wii crash. Only 5 times has it lagged my Wii to death.

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  3. SMAW rocket launched = frozen Wii

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