Who has Limited Edition?

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User Info: kilfrfun

4 years ago#1
Topic - Results (22 votes)
77.27% (17 votes)
22.73% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Simple enough.

Curious now since Ron's poll
We need Dinos

User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#2
SOT6H...: "I cant do it on your body because that pushes your body away. Anyway I was just having some fun" -Gabe...

User Info: dacheatcode

4 years ago#3
limited edition wasnt limited
*Facts all come with points of view,
Facts don't do what I want them to.

User Info: jasonrk7b

4 years ago#4
Conduit 2 FC's: 0905-7525-6314 (JK)

User Info: kilfrfun

4 years ago#5
dacheatcode posted...
limited edition wasnt limited

only 33% were limited in my area,
0% now
We need Dinos

User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#6
Funny story, I got the limited edition used. So as you might have thought the art box wasn't contained in it, so I couldn't get the secret code (not secret anymore) for the golden destroyer armor. I also didn't get to look at the fabulous art work in the book. This story also applies to Conduit 1 back in the day when I got it, and sucked at online gaming.
-God have mercy on America.-
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