Aakify vs. [LC]Andy Battle Ladder Match

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

4 years ago#1
Challenged Aakify and he's accepted, so lets get this done.

DATE - Hopefully within the next two weeks.

TIME - To be sorted out, depends on Aakify's timezone.

MAPS - I suggest Streets as one of the three.

MATCHES - Best of 3.

KILL LIMIT - Either 10 or 15 kills.

TIME LIMIT - I suggest 12 minutes per match.

WEAPONS BANNED - Usual 3. SMAW, Widowmaker and PR tuning.

LOCK-ON and RADAR - Open to discussion. I suggest a combination of BTGB and HC.

Right hope I havent forgotten anything.
NNID - AndyInTheUK Mainly playing Zombi U. Currently Number 2 on the Standard mode Leaderboard for Zombi U.

User Info: aakify1

4 years ago#2
Date: Tomorrow

Time zone: Cst

Fine with everything else.
Con2 -{Aakify FC: 5157-6690-9639}, [D-S]*Aakify FC: 1722-3986-4040
GE - {Aakify FC: 3457-0371-5948}
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