Why do You Think the AEGIS Device Sucks?

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User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

4 years ago#11
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
Hu1kSmAsh posted...
I think if it just had a lot faster rate of fire, it would make a huge difference.

That, and more damage tbh, but it still would not be a good weapon.

My USP does equal damage (proven). I think AEGIS is fine on damage.

It's a different story when the factor of lag comes in...
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User Info: TheOmegaShen

4 years ago#12
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
nightfire0013 posted...
It doesn't.

It does.

dacheatcode did great with it yesterday, and he/she was playing against me and AISP.
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User Info: hc-valkiria

4 years ago#13
I think it is a good weapon but is underestimated a lot because not enough people use it. Yes the damage from it sucks but it is better to just switch to secondary if u need to shoot. Its only purpose is to bounce back shots from other players. The only criticism I would give is that aiming with it is a bit harder thus making absorbing shots somewhat pointless if u miss when bouncing it back

User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

4 years ago#14
Yes, it does suck until you catch 2-4 SMAW missiles. That is when the AEGIS Device gets scary :)
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User Info: nightfire0013

4 years ago#15
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
nightfire0013 posted...
It doesn't.

It does.

But... D:
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User Info: jasonrk7b

4 years ago#16
The speed of its bullets and shots fired back is way too slow

And it's very rare you'll catch a full shot of bullets

At best, its great against charging SPAS users, but after a few kills, they're onto you

I guess it can also be used on TCP and rocket launchers
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User Info: Symphonia46

4 years ago#17
nightfire0013 posted...
CmoIsDaNam3 posted...
nightfire0013 posted...
It doesn't.

It does.

But... D:

It rocks.
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User Info: Mindesyn

4 years ago#18
Aegis can be super effective if you have a support player leading the charge, its only weakness is Hive Cannon and Radiation grenades.
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User Info: LeThA169

4 years ago#19
In my opinion the device kicks a**
The only problem is the weight and movement.
If it was kinda like handling the mp5 then i would use it.

User Info: Darcsen8

4 years ago#20
You do know that you only need 1-4 bullets from a weapon (depending which one) to One-Shot people <_< If you're trying to catch a full shield to kill or using the standard bullets, then you're doing it wrong... And then you will have a bad time.
The Aegis Device is awesome! It is totally visible when people don't know how to fight you since they are not used to it. They will Always go through the 3 phases of "ignorance" when fighting agains a Aegis Device User :P

Sure, the Aegis Device has a lot of flaws but does it suck? Hell no! It's awesome :D
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