Team [JVC] vs [KAS]........

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#91
Kastastic Im finally back. Shorted out my phone socket and lost all internet connections.

To the [JVC] guys, you were lethal. Very good team work.

Its just a pity that C2 is region locked as some NTSC Clans would have fun battling you.

Did manage to record two matches. Will look at the quality and see if they can be uploaded.
NNID - AndyInTheUK Mainly playing Zombi U. Currently Number 4 on the Standard mode Leaderboard for Zombi U.

User Info: JVC-Airtime

3 years ago#92
Yay Andy we should play again!
kastastic why haven't you downloaded the other matches

We should play a war again SOON
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  3. Team [JVC] vs [KAS]........

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