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User Info: Silly_Squirl_G

4 years ago#111
ThePrisoner06 posted...
When a topic gets out of hand, and words are exchanged between other users, sometimes one of the best things is for the topic creator to lock the topic and thus close it.

Ive been trying. too many people posting -_-


4 years ago#112
LigersRule posted...
B05S_P4G posted...
Hey, if you don't know what's really going on, then keep your mouth shut. Before you respond saying you do, if you really did you wouldn't have posted this comment. I can't speak for anyone else, but the only reason I left was because the clan wasn't active enough for my tastes.

As someone who's actually been in -HC-, I can definitely say that Valkiria has been working tirelessly to make it a better clan, and it's been paying off. Moreover, he's supportive, and instructive. He only gets angry when someone does something to really piss him off. He knows how to learn from a loss too. Valkiria's a great clan leader. He has my respect, and he sure as hell has my support.

So please, if you don't know what you're talking about, don't say anything.

I don't care why you left. You left. I don't care why Cmo left. He left. He also had the stones to kick Gabe out for what most people consider minor.

Do you know how many members LC has lost since it's founding? One, and that's because we kicked his ass to the curb. Other than that? We've had people go inactive, but nobody has ever left the clan. Ever. Why? Because people in LC are actually happy. They don't have any reason to leave.

If you have ANY reason to leave, that's your clan leader's fault. If the clan wasn't active enough, that's his problem. If the clan wasn't letting you be independent enough, that's his problem. Gabe's expulsion was DEFINITELY his problem. Give me ONE reason, one qualification Valks has for being a clan leader. Something he does that nobody else could do better.

What is one qualification that is even needed for clan leader?

Most clans I've been a part of never really even had a leader, and those that did, the leader was leader for skill, and that was more of a case of being the clans poster boy rather than actual leader.

I totally get where you say it all boils down to the leader, but... that idea breaks down at some point.
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