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User Info: xX_ZeUs_Xx

3 years ago#31
Falcon is no longer B05S?????

By the way CSN, I fought a golden destroyer named Falcon about 2-1 days ago and he had a Spas and was quite proficient. Was that you? Or was he an impostor?

@Brennan, good games today. My bro ( Kriss aka Sam) fought you.

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#32
He either goes by an alt or Mr.Falcon.
SOTD: "I never knew I could rap." -Lig

User Info: __CSN

3 years ago#33
I don't use a Falcon profile anymore. Ever.
The Filthy __KaZuaL__

User Info: B05S_SCARkid

3 years ago#34
sorry i had to leave early yesterday guys, went swimming and everything... thanks for the encouragement brennan :) GGs everyone even though i looked out of shape compared to the rest of you, definitely gonna throw some more practice in... gonna go on in a bit, i'll catch you sometime soon i hope..
P.S. brennan, next time put your freakin headset on :P
messaged my friend during work, told him i was on my potty break, he told me i was full of crap
"Seth, master of speed poops" - Brennan
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