I apologize BPB

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User Info: The21stgun

3 years ago#1
I shouldnt of done that topic, mindesyn was right, i should of gotten it straight first!

How about we honor your leader instead? I know she'll come back every now and then, but still, it seems right
Stay Furry Forever!
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User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

3 years ago#2
Nah, it's all cool- no need to apologize.
Hi, I'm Venonat. Venonat FC: 3182-0595-9973- [BPB]venonat FC:4986-6699-3607 Weapwns: Phase Rifle, Carby, Shotgun, Scar, Hive Cannon, and of course ARC. I party.

User Info: hc-valkiria

3 years ago#3
well, i personally think that your offer was still a very kind thing to do.

User Info: LeThA169

3 years ago#4
Leader is gone and the clan is dead, just forget the clan already
In other words, Let shadows die.

User Info: Mindesyn

3 years ago#5
Apology accepted
Black Ops 2: Mindesyn
Sucks to be you cause I hack to counter hack hackers like you that hack so hackers gone legit dont get hacked
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