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User Info: ThePhaseRifleTV

3 years ago#11
LolxG3 posted...
No one come of panama or currently live in panama or know people of panama?

Because i come from of panama :'3

Or i am the only panamanian in the game O.o

The I soccer team kicks a**!!
A Goldeneye 007 And Conduit 2 Gameplay Commentator:

User Info: Silly_Squirl_G

3 years ago#12
The_Mad_Kitten posted...
I am the only one here who live in 'Murrica.


User Info: Green_Berets

3 years ago#13
I'm from 'Merica too.
Green_Berets Conduit 2 Wii Friend code: 0090 1754 8443
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