The SMAW Wars have begun

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#11
Know what I would love to see happen, but doubt it ever would, it a war with people using the 66mm LAWS rocket, but with the TP round instead.

Seeing people trying to bounce the round of walls and trying to go round corners in a map site like Pentagon, would be fun.
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User Info: dacheatcode

3 years ago#12
__CSN posted...

wow look how edgy csn is guys how do i be as cool as him
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Facts don't do what I want them to.

User Info: The21stgun

3 years ago#13
Learn to use a Phase Rifle, it will help a lot
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User Info: xX_ZeUs_Xx

3 years ago#14
1Pefrog posted...
B05S_P4G posted...
The21stgun posted...
SMAW wars eh?

Someone come up with a pun for this with Star Wars!

Dark Star Wars.

I'm Dark StarK Vader.

User Info: Green_Berets

3 years ago#15
Actually, I wasn't kidding. All you see is people being blown up and rockets. I had to use my Stealth to survive.
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User Info: PowerLurker

3 years ago#16
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