I'm leaving

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User Info: Chesluk

3 years ago#11
You have fun with that now.
"When Chesluk thinks about penguins, he touches himself." -SSJBrohan

User Info: AriDrekiHjarta

3 years ago#12

User Info: 1Pefrog

3 years ago#13
You ain't ne'er gonna leave.
If it's yellow, leave it for the next fellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

User Info: old_man_mossy

3 years ago#14
PUNCHOUT1116 posted...
We've all had our board dramas before (I was even foolishly apart of a few myself), but things do eventually smooth over and get better. Stick around man.

This. You have invested to much time and effort in this flawed goofy train wreck of a game to leave.

If things are bad and that's why you are leaving remember that some folks here think very highly of you. It would be cruel to leave them in times of trouble if they intend to stay.

I really don't know you as we'll as Id like to, for that matter. You are one of the few folks here I've never added to either my U friends list or 3DS. (Aside from Lig...and thats not for lack of trying) I'm not sure why, other than we are just for the most part, distant.

I always lurk these boards though and perhaps we could remedy that. Do what you want to...one way or another. Just make sure it is what you want.

Not sure if serious...yeah, that sums it up. If I knew you better perhaps that wouldn't be the case.
A big part of me tries very hard to behave. A small part of me laughs at the effort and behaves like an ass, anyway.

User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#15
Don't leave, amigo. I like you.
I wish I were a bird.

User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

3 years ago#16
Nooo man.
PSN: BlueStar7152 | MAG, Uncharted 3
XBL: ajwmawesome | Skyrim, 007 Legends, Minecraft
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